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Hej you  Komentarze (1)
06. stycznia 2006 14:06:00

I feel my best when being slightly horizontal, but that was already desrcibed in one of the poems, and that is not a preclass on American Literature so go and find yourself, whoever you are. If you are at all. Anyway i always wondered why i cannot supply my all needs with reading. Why have to eat sleep and do other phisiological stuff, not worth mentioning even, if i could do well enough imaging it all?. Why set up that nasty reality trap for my soul, yawning at all the necessities created by life? Who finds it funny? All that little botherings prohibiting me from myself...

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misconception Komentarze (0)
25. sierpnia 2005 19:44:00

When i was a kid, not so little, about 17 but anyway from nowdays point of view a kid, they gave us that school exercise. No doubt everybody did it -" decsribe yourself  in ... years time". So there I was reasonably older and calmer, put by myself  into a lovely house with a garden cats and fruit trees. House was filled with books and my creative writing was forming a nice cloud  over the roof instead of an ordinary smoke. However, there were no babies or any other living ins such as husband. No serving ambition I had, even at that time, just a nice pond of selfishness in which I watered my feet, ready to go as they pleased. And now I am in ... years time, no peace at my heart, only visible creation are piles of mess growing at each corner of this flat. No trees, no house topped with chimnes filled with smoke or ocassional Santa. But hang on. There are no baby cries, or husband wiping his mouth over my dinner, and every evening i wash my feet in my shower, making them fresh and clean, ready to go where they wish.      

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intro Komentarze (0)
15. sierpnia 2005 19:40:00

This a total beginning a little exercise for mind language and fingers. this is my privite mirror, only the picture in it looks as I wish not as it is. For better or for boring , the time will show.  

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